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From the Rector

Welcome to St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

Serving North Seattle and Shoreline since 1949

Read Fr. David’s Rector’s report from the 2018 Annual Meeting & Celebration of Ministries.

Welcome from Fr. DavidAs rector of this congregation, I am deeply committed to providing relevant and authentic experiences of the Christian spiritual life. In my preaching and my teaching, I emphasize Christianity as a way of life and as a tradition of transformational spiritual practices we live in community. The amazing thing is, people have been finding God through these traditions for thousands of years, and yet they so often seem stale or strange. At St. Dunstan’s, we are engaging the ancient, looking for meaning in the present.

We are an inclusive community, welcoming anyone with a desire to know God. Our worship is open to all, and we welcome all at the Lord’s table. We believe that Jesus is God’s blessing to creation, and to humanity in particular. You may not know what that means. Most of us do not when we first start searching. That’s not a problem. The truth of Jesus’ blessing to us becomes clear as we live into the mission Jesus gave to us. “This is my commandment, that you love one another  as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) Our purpose is to be a blessing to others, just as Jesus is a blessing to us. The language of blessing and the practice of blessing opens our hearts to encounter God.

Love Your Neighbor - Come and SeeWe have a strong Sunday School program for children, and we are committed to the ongoing spiritual growth of all our members. Our Sunday School program for children has a strong team of volunteers. On Wednesday mornings we have a Bible Study group that is exploring the ways we encounter “God in real life.” We look at questions like: Where is God when a loved one is dying of cancer? How do we forgive someone who has really hurt us?

At St. Dunstan’s Church, we are committed to beautiful, meaningful worship and preaching. Our choir is much better than a church our size has any right to expect! This comes from a 60-year history of valuing traditional hymns and anthems.

In my preaching I am always searching for the relevance of the scriptures in our everyday lives. I like to ask, “What does this mean?”,  “How does this work?”, and “What difference will this make in our lives?”

At St. Dunstan’s Church, we are attentive to the spiritual and practical needs of our members and our neighbors. We give our time as volunteers and as leaders. We care for one another. We take meals to friends who are struggling. We pray with friends who are suffering. We pray to God for healing and for guidance, and we pray in thanksgiving.

I pray that you will find a spiritual home here. I pray that you will experience the transformational power of God’s love. I pray that you will bring your story and your questions here, to St. Dunstan’s Church, and join with us as we seek to know God’s love as a community that follows Jesus.

In Christ,
The Rev. David Marshall