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Astonishing Abundance of Summer

Dear friends,

On Tuesday, I walked into our parish hall and was astonished by the abundance of food that had been gleaned that day. Half a dozen volunteers worked to sort through this treasure, choosing what would become ingredients for the day’s meal and what would be given away in an impromptu food bank. Thanks be to God for this abundant generosity.

Here at St. Dunstan’s, we have many kinds of abundance. In the last week of my vacation, both my wife and I got sick and one of our Care Team members offered to bring us a meal. What a blessing that was! Another sent a lovely card. The food was delicious and enough to feed us for two days. It was a blessing. So often I hear of people declining offered meals at times like this, and I get that, because we all want to be seen as “fine”, “capable” and all that, but it is wonderful both to give and receive, so I encourage you to accept the next time a meal is offered. It is more than food.

The Ain't No Heaven Seven

The church staff is busy planning the kick-off of our program year. We won’t be able to rehearse the choir yet, but we have lots of good things coming. On September 19th, we will enjoy the music of the Dixieland Jazz band, The Ain’t No Heaven 7. This is a fun, inspiring way to start the year. Stay tuned for more fun announcements.

The Rector rides to church.

These beautiful, blessedly cool days of summer have been wonderful. I rode my bike to work for the first time in a long time. These are precious times that God has given us and I hope you will enjoy them with a walk, a drive, or a ride.

Thank you for making that extra effort to stay connected in this ongoing pandemic. Enjoy these beautiful summer days, and I’ll see you in church.

With Love,