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Finding True Life

Have you ever felt that if you could just get more money, life would work out? Or maybe you have dreamed of the one true love that would fill your life with joy? Or perhaps you have pursued business success to find happiness and satisfaction? Or maybe, for you, it was the dream of a bigger house? 

If any of this sounds familiar (and it does to most of us) you have also experienced that disappointment that comes when you realize that there still isn’t enough money, or the person who was supposed to make your life work out by loving you is actually really hard to live with, or the job that was supposed to be worth all that effort is really just hard work, and the bigger house is just more expensive and harder to keep clean. 

Freedom in Christ 

Great teachers, like Paul, used the language of sin, the law, and idolatry to describe the challenge we face as we seek the true life Jesus offers, but these words have become overburdened with religious significance and anachronistic usages. We need fresh language to access the true life Jesus promises. 

In January, I will offer a class titled, “Freedom in Christ: True Life in Our Modern World. In this class we will explore the true life that Jesus offers by digging into the ideas of sin, the law and idolatry. We will free these ideas from religious and cultural burdens, using insights from psychology and theology to find a path to the freedom Christ offers.  

Yours in Christ, 

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