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St. Dunstan’s Feeding Program

Feeding People in a Pandemic

We are serving takeout meals between 3:30 and 5:30pm each Tuesday

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What does The Church that Feeds People do during a Pandemic? We feed people, of course. Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have enacted stringent measures to protect our volunteers and guests as we served 50-75 meals from the church and deliver another 100+ meals to campsites.

We already have very high standards for cleanliness and hygiene in our feeding program with licensed food handlers leading the way to make sure that we use our commercial kitchen safely to produce healthy and safe food. 

All the food is packaged in sturdy, biodegradable to-go boxes and distributed outside the front door of the church, with only volunteers coming inside.

We are able to just hand food to people and they don’t have to stand in line. There has been a good selection of boxed food and we provide paper grocery bags as well.

The community dinners team is amazing. They really know what they are doing, and they have a great time working together. I am profoundly grateful to Mary, Dan, Mona, Chris, Bill, Bob, and the entire team of our Community Dinner program for their careful dedication.

That’s how we will get through this epidemic. We change our behaviors to keep safe, we take care of one another, and we keep feeding God’s people in both body and spirit.

You are all in my prayers. Take good care of yourselves and one another.

With love,