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When I tell people that I am the minister of St. Dunstan’s Church, one of the most common responses is, “I have seen the tents at your church. Thank you for hosting those tent encampments.” Hosting tent encampments is one of the most visible things we do and is a wonderful way to put our church’s resources to work doing God’s work. We have this beautiful campus, our feeding ministry, and our strong heart for hands-on outreach, and hosting the camps is a great way to give thanks to God.

In early June, 2017 we received a letter from the board and members of Camp United We Stand (CUWS), the camp that was with us November through March last year, requesting that we host them again this winter, starting in mid-November. At the June meeting our vestry voted to invite the camp again. They moved in at the end of November. If you’d like to donate funds or needed items, check with the church office or stop by the camp and ask whoever is on duty.

Table of food at Camp United We StandThank you for the many ways you support the ministries of St. Dunstan’s Church. Your support and participation in our worship and our ministries is making a difference in our neighborhood and in each of our lives. Thank you for being good stewards of God’s gifts.

Yours in Christ,

CUWS was at St. Dunstan’s for six months, and has moved to St. George’s in Lake City in May 2018. For updated information, you may follow them on Facebook.