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Spiritual Practices for Dark Times

How are we to find tranquility of spirit when we are aware of the racial injustice of our times? How are we to find tranquility of spirit when the air is red with smoke from fires stoked by climate change?
I have a tendency to pull back from the very things that I need most when times are as difficult as these. In September we had the smoke, my father had a medical crisis, we had to cancel the “farmers market” in our feeding program, there was just a lot going on, and I noticed that I was not sleeping well. I was not feeling well. I was not happy. I had pulled back from the very practices that give me hope and strength. We do this when times are tough. We turn to small comforts rather than the practices that feed our hearts and souls. We drink another glass of wine, sleep in a little later, skip that walk or workout, watch a show. No one of these is terrible, but cumulatively, they take us away from one another and away from experiencing the presence and action of God.
Perhaps a healthier response is to turn to our spiritual practices rather than the small indulgences. Go for that walk or hike (thank God the smoke has cleared). Spend some time in prayer each day. Connect with our community online through Sunday Worship, daily Morning Prayer and Compline services. Return to your Centering Prayer time each day. Remind yourself to let go of anxiety, pain, and upsets using the Welcoming Prayer.
Rather than turn to the news, or to social media, or eating another cookie, or pouring another glass of wine, turn to the practices of our faith. There we can find true comfort and strength.

With love,