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Repentance and Growth

We start our confession by saying,

Some of the things we have “left undone” are built into the fabric of our society. In the Sacred Ground discussion series, we are learning about the history of racism in our country. The readings and videos have shown us laws and practices that intentionally create a low-wage underclass. We see this playing out today in our immigration laws.

As a straight, white man, I have certainly received a lot of advantages from our society. Debbie Irving, in her book Waking Up White, calls these tailwinds. Women, people of color, immigrants, and people who identify as LGBTQ+ have all faced challenges that I have not known. They face the headwinds of prejudice, unfair lending practices, police profiling, and much more.

Repenting involves learning, growing, humility and courage. We are all damaged by racism. Our souls are disfigured when we fail to honor the sacred in others. Each step we take towards the dream of undoing these injustices enriches us all. I pray that we will all have the courage to continue and follow through with the life-giving work of racial justice. I pray that God will give us eyes to see where we need to learn and grow and the will to do so. The rewards are so great!

With love,