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Sermons by The Rev. David Marshall

Narrative Matters

Lent VI, March 11, 2018 The Rev. David Marshall Word: Narrative Quote: The way we think about God and what we expect of God make a profound difference. I saw this clearly in the two men’s lives. One was angry, disappointed and frightened at the end of his life. The other was grateful, hopeful and…

Spirit Bearers

The Rev. David Marshall Fourth Sunday after Epiphany January 28, 2018 Mark 1:21-28 Word: Demon Quote: We are called to bear the Holy Spirit and to confront the unclean spirits of gun violence, racism, sexual violence and harassment, and all the demons of our world.

Fig Trees

Epiphany 2B John 1:43-51 Word: Calling Quote: Maybe you are a cynic like Nathanael, or perhaps you are sure that God cannot use you because of who you are, or what you have done. Maybe you are too old or too young or too discouraged, or too angry. Jesus sees through all of that and…

You are my beloved child

The Baptism of Our Lord, January 7, 2018 The Rev. David Marshall Word: Torn open Quote: When Jesus was baptized, heaven was torn open and God’s spirit poured out on us all. When Jesus died, the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom, ending our separation from the holy.