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St. Dunstan’s Missional Budget for 2018

Our Mission:

Inspired by our worship together, we grow in Christ through welcoming the stranger,
feeding hungry bodies and spirits, giving of ourselves,
and inviting others to join us in this journey of faith.

We are empowered to do the mission because we worship together and grow in Christ. Worship is both the heart of what we do together and the foundation for our community. All areas of our work, fellowship and mission flow from worship in one way or another, as is evident by the central prominence of our worship space.

There are three imperatives in our mission:

Welcoming the stranger, feeding hungry bodies and spirits, and giving of ourselves

  • There is a component of invitation in each of these imperatives. We are inviting people to be welcome and to participate in a welcoming community. We are inviting people to be fed and to participate in acts of feeding. We are inviting people to receive our gifts and to participate in a generous community that gives of itself for the blessing of others.

    Our total operating budget for 2017 is $362,130.

    This is a Missional Budget written to tell the story of how our money goes to support our mission. We have taken the traditional line items and reallocated them to one of the three mission areas. These allocations are based on how our paid clergy and staff spend their time and who uses the building. While this is somewhat arbitrary, it does more clearly reflect how our mission is supported by our spending. The traditional line item budget is available from our assistant treasurer or from the office.

    Welcoming the Stranger

    St. Dunstan’s Church has a well-deserved reputation for being welcoming. When visitors attend, they are greeted before worship, included generously in worship, and welcomed to the fellowship that follows our worship. We truly delight in welcoming. Christian hospitality is a central value of our community, and that takes our welcoming beyond polite civility. We welcome homeless folks; people with mobility concerns; young children; families with babies; life-long Episcopalians; and people who have never set foot in church before.

    We spend $152,900 of our budget to welcome the stranger.

    Welcoming the Stranger means:

    • having professional clergy and staff plan worship and develop sermons.
    • having professional musicians plan and rehearse the music.
    • having an inviting worship service.
    • inclusive, easy to follow bulletins that work for newcomers and life-long Episcopalians.
    • having a worship space that accommodates persons with mobility issues.
    • experiencing greeters at the door and a direct welcome from the pulpit.
    • encouraging the use of name tags and calling each person by name.
    • groups other than those under the direction of St. Dunstan use our building, including 12 step groups, music groups, and Community of the Lamb, a praying meditation group.
    • hosting Camp United each year.
    • having clean, well maintained, and functional buildings and grounds
    • having accessible building and grounds, including audio assistance for worship services.
    • inviting the community to sell and shop at the annual Holiday Bazaar.
    • inviting the community to the Tuesday dinners.
    • inviting children to Vacation Bible Camp each summer.
    • having a play area in back yard.
    • having a website filled with information about the parish and invitations to join us.

    Feeding hungry bodies and spirits

    Feeding is central to the identity of St. Dunstan’s Church. Many years ago, members created a food pantry program, gathering food donations. The St. Agnes Guild is famous for their wonderful dinner events to raise funds for worthy outreach causes. In recent years our feeding ministries have grown from feeding tent camps to feeding people at St. Dunstan’s Church.

    We also recognize that once the stomach is full, there is much more a person needs. We seek to feed people’s spirits with beautiful worship, excellent adult formation classes, a first-class Sunday School program, and generous pastoral care.

    We spend $119,560 of our budget to feed hungry bodies and spirits.

    Feeding hungry bodies and spirits means:

    • having two Sunday morning worship services.
    • having generous fellowship offerings after worship supported by both the St. Agnes Guild and our Hospitality team.
    • having a rotation of different person preaching and presiding.
    • having a regular Wednesday morning Eucharist service.
    • having occasional services, such as Evensong, at the Henry Chapel.
    • including music as part of the main Sunday service, including an organist, vocal and hand bell choirs, or other musicians.
    • having a choir that welcomes any level of expertise and where the director includes training the singers to be better choristers.
    • having a book reading group.
    • having periodic adult education sessions.
    • having a regular excellent educational program for children.
    • providing food and coffee for the hospitality time after each service.
    • serving regular Tuesday night community dinners.
    • hosting Camp United in the Fall.
    • supporting those called to ordination or the religious life.
    • having building and grounds that are conducive to all sorts of outreach activities, such as Community dinners or parking spaces for commuters.
    • having a weekly newsletter sent to all parishioners and other interested parties.
    • involving our children in the worship service.
    • celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

    Giving of ourselves, and inviting others to join us in this journey of faith

    There is a powerful and life-giving paradox at the heart of Christian faith: The more we give of ourselves, the more of God’s abundance we experience. St. Dunstan’s Church values caring for one another, with the entire congregation engaging in our Care Teams and pastoral care ministries, supported by our staff and clergy. On a given Sunday, as much as 25% of the congregation is involved in leading and supporting our worship, from participating in the choir to ushering, to serving at the altar. Our Sunday School teachers give generously of themselves as they pass our faith on to our children.

    The life of faith is lived in community. We show up for one another in times of joy and in times of grief. We show up and give to one another in times of need and in times for fellowship. We give of ourselves and in doing so we are empowered to be God’s people in the world. A central value of this community is to invite others to join us and know Christ’s blessings.

    We spend $89,670 of our budget on giving and inviting ministries.

    Giving of ourselves and inviting others to join us on this journey of faith means:

    • having leaders for our worship services, including: ushers, greeters, altar guild, Eucharistic ministers, acolytes, readers, and sound booth technicians.
    • providing volunteer opportunities to participate in worship (choir, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, greeters and lectors).
    • providing volunteer opportunities to participate in leadership and governance of the church (such as counters, treasurer and vestry positions.
    • providing volunteer opportunities to participate in providing food and coffee for the hospitality time after each service.
    • providing volunteer opportunities to participate in preparation and service at the Tuesday night community dinner.
    • visiting shut-in or ill parishioners and others by the Rector, Pastoral Associate and Pastoral Care team members.
    • providing volunteer opportunities to maintain the building and landscaping.
    • involving a large number of parishioners in the Care Teams ministry.
    • offering hand-crafted blessed prayer shawls for those in spiritual or bodily need.
    • participation in Diocesan activities, including paying 16% of our income to the Diocese to support the Bishop and greater church.
    • offering healing prayer and anointing as part of the Eucharist.
    • participation in Diocesan activities, including paying 16% of our income to the Diocese to support the Bishop and greater church.
    • having a columbarium and a quiet space for contemplation.
    • having committed Sunday School teachers for our children.
    • supporting with money and supplies Ryan’s House.
    • supporting with money and supplies other needy families and students.
    • having two summer barbecues when we specifically invite friends and family to join us.
    • joining with other congregations in the neighborhood for joint special services.
    • including in the prayers of the people the specific requests made each Sunday.

    Aspirations for 2018

    Your pledges for 2018 will form the basis for our ministries and budget for 2018. The vestry will develop the 2018 budget with close consideration to our vision and mission and the costs associated with those items.

    Each of us was a wish list for what we would like to see at St. Dunstan’s in the near future and long-term. For instance, we would like to grow our staff to provide more services and provide professional development. We would like to enhance programs by having a paid community dinners lead (and maybe assistant chef); having a paid clergy associate; or getting new choir robes. We would like to develop a capital budget that would include upgrading our worship space with a new organ, refurbishing the building, adding an elevator, and paving the parking lots.

    We encourage you to think of your own wish list. As you think of them, please talk to a vestry member about your ideas. Or you can email your ideas to MissionalBudget@sdchp.org.