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Stewardship Update

We have concluded the teaching and preaching part of our program.

The next phase is the collection of the pledges. So far, we have received 48 pledges, just over half the number of pledges we expect, totaling about $213,600. If you haven’t mailed in your pledge form, please do so as soon as possible. You can also just send the office an email, with “pledge” in the subject line, and the amount you’d like to give. This will be kept in confidence.

Thank you to each of you that have already sent in your pledges, we greatly appreciate it.

Tina Polf, Treasurer

From the Rector

We all have a money story, whether we recognize it or not. Perhaps we are always hopeful that we will always have enough, or the next windfall is just around the corner. Perhaps our story is one of fear or shame. Or a story that the church is dying and no longer relevant. Or a story that our actions won’t have an impact. Or a story that we don’t have enough. We live our lives and make our financial decisions from these stories.  

We all have a money story, and congregations have money stories as well. Several years ago, we discerned a new vision for St. Dunstan’s Church: On earth as in heaven, all are welcome, all are fed, and all are loved.

As we lived into this vision, we became The Church that Feeds People. In our wonderfully successful capital campaign, we brought all of this together to Imagine the Ways that God might be calling us to live into our vision, and in doing so, we changed our story.

These guiding statements of identity and vision express the particular money story of St. Dunstan’s Church. We see that story playing out in our worship, in our ministries, and in the capital projects, from the new organ, to the expanded feeding program, to the improved accessibility of our building.

And yet, every good story has struggle. In our individual and congregational money stories there are both hopes and fears, abundance and scarcity, successes and failures. This year’s stewardship campaign invites us to discover and tell our money stories in light of God’s money story of liberation and justice.

God’s Money Story

Our annual stewardship campaign asks: Where might God be speaking a new narrative into the limited money stories we have told ourselves? This is a great time to ask this question. We are living with both the abundance and success of the Imagine the Ways Capital Campaign, and the unprecedented pressures of the pandemic shutdown.

In good times or bad, to speak of money is to invite tension into the room. We so quickly want to avoid it. But it’s time we reframe this. Money and possessions are one of the most common topics in scripture, and Jesus talked about money more than faith and prayer. Our money story, therefore, is a spiritual story. Thinking about God’s money story will be liberating, inviting, and transformative.

Thank you!

Click below for materials that were used in Our Money Story class, which took place in October and November, 2020.

Our Money Story journal

Week 1: Remember

Week 2: Release

Week 3: Reimagine

Week 4: Restore