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Summer Music at St. Dunstan’s

Summer Choir
With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start marking your calendars for the St. Dunstan’s Summer Choir! We will gather at 9:00am to learn a short anthem before singing at the 10:00 service. Singing with us is a no-risk commitment – no previous singing experience or musical knowledge is required, just a desire to sing, learn, and have fun.

Our Summer Choir rehearses and sings three times throughout the summer: June 24 • July 22 • August 19.
Please contact me with any questions. If you plan to participate and would like access to the music and practice tracks ahead of time, let me know!

Summer Special Music
During the summer, while the choir is on recess, we’re hoping that you can help fill our church with uplifting music of all kinds, whether singing or playing an instrument! Children and adults of all ages are welcome to share their talents. To sign up for summer music, please contact me. I’m very happy to accompany you and/or coach you, if desired.

Music Theory 101-Sundays at 9AM
Over the summer, I will offer some classes in basic music theory, starting with the absolute fundamentals of learning to read notes and rhythms. We’ll meet at 9:00 on Sundays when there’s no summer choir (see those dates above). Some of what I’ll teach will be notes, rhythms, key signatures, intervals. I’ll develop the classes as I go, depending on who shows up and what participants are interested in. Right now, I’d love to know if: 1) You’d be interested in doing this, and 2) what you’re eager to know more about.

I am passionate about making music more accessible to people and I think these classes will be really fun! Please let me know after Sunday services or by email if you think you might be interested in participating!

– Susanna Valleau, Music Director music@sdchp.org