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Our New Organ

Construction continues on our new organ!  Last February we hosted Jonathan Ortloff and Duane Prill of the Ortloff Organ Company at St. Dunstan’s Church. They brought several sets of pipes of various designs and materials. They put these new pipes into our existing organ and then tested them in the room, looking for the best sound.

We were once again very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of our organ builder. Jonathan and Duane are both experienced church musicians and organ builders and they bring a passion for church music and organs to their work. At one point, Duane asked Jonathan, “If you could only do one, would you rather be a church organist or an organ builder?” Jonathan replied that he would hate to have to choose.

You can see more pictures of the new organ being built at the Ortloff Organ Company’s Facebook page. There are pictures of the shop, of the wind chests being constructed, and even videos of the work being done. You can also see pictures of the work they did in our own church. Be sure to look at the pictures and videos of the first organ they built, their Opus 1. Here is a link to a Facebook album of that instrument.

Susanna Valleau has been writing a series of articles to chronicle the progress of our new organ’s construction. You can read them here: