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Changing Your Heart

Each week I invite the congregation to Holy Eucharist by saying, “Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here in this place and at this table. There is food enough for all. Come and be fed.” The assumption in this invitation, and the assertion, is that we are all on a spiritual journey.

Our spiritual journey is the lifelong work of forming our hearts to receive and give God’s love. Of all the ways that I have found to grow spiritually, none has been more powerful than stewardship. As a friend shared with me recently, “You give because that is how your heart is changed.”

When we give, we break the hold of wealth over our hearts. When we give, we put our trust in the abundance and generosity of God’s love. When we give, we enact, make real, and make present the compassion of God. Whether we are wealthy or poor, we experience abundance when we give.

Jesus said this clearly and concisely: Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. We worship, we give, and we serve because we are on a spiritual journey, growing towards God. We give because that is how our hearts are changed.

Yours in Christ,