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Cupcakes and Kindness

On Sunday morning we emerged from worship, after a wonderful postlude performed by Al Johnson and Susanna Valleau honoring veterans on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, and there was an honest-to-goodness bake sale set up in the parish hall! On sale were baked goods and sweets left over from the St. Agnes Guild’s annual Canterbury Faire. When I arrived at the faire on Saturday, I waited for one car to leave so I could take their parking space. The lots, upper and lower, were packed, and the church was full of happy, kind people.

As we walked around the faire there was kindness at every turn. Lunch was delightful. The vendors were friendly and happy. Downstairs it was like moving through a gauntlet of blessing. Happy people buying treasures, yummy baked goods, delightful crafts and holiday items, it was all lovely.

The kindness is the point of St. Agnes’ long running faire, and of all that they do. The women of the guild raise money each year to fund worthy causes, directing their efforts to make a difference in our local neighborhood and across the globe. Over many years this dedicated group has been a sanctuary of friendship and service. One long-time member told me that all her closest friendships came from the guild, and the fruit of those friendships has been to make a lasting difference to St. Dunstan’s Church, to our neighborhood, and to those in need across the world.

So, I give thanks for the cupcakes and kindness, the friendships and the dedication that have meant so much and made such a difference. I give thanks for the women of the St. Agnes Guild.