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David’s Weekly Message: Discovery 2018

Last year we conducted a series of interviews and meetings that we called the Discovery Process as we developed our new vision and mission statements. We collected 70 interviews, asking people about their most important experiences of faith and ministry, and from those interviews we developed the themes that became our new vision and mission statements.
On earth as in heaven,
all are welcome,
all are fed, and
all are loved.
Inspired by our worship together
we grow in Christ through
welcoming the stranger,
feeding hungry bodies and spirits,
giving of ourselves, and
inviting others to join us in this journey of faith.

We are launching a new discovery process this year to explore how we use our buildings, grounds, and worship spaces to achieve our mission and vision. These new interviews will ask you to share your best experiences of faith and ministry while physically present at St. Dunstan’s Church. We will look back at past experiences and dream about the future:

  • Think back over all the times you have been physically present at St. Dunstan’s. Recall a time when you felt most full of joy, most excited about your involvement in your life with Christ, most nurtured and encouraged, and then tell that story.
  • If you could see into the future and visualize the church and its property, What will be happening at St. Dunstan’s on Sunday, during the week, and in the evenings? What will you see when you look around? What will you hear as you walk into various spaces? Who will be present?

We will gather the input from these interviews and review them together at a summit meeting in late May. We want to look at how we are using our worship space, what we love about that space and what has been a blessing. Are we using the space now in the ways that were envisioned when the space was built? Do we have dreams about the future? What would we like to leave for future generations?

Watch for opportunities to participate in both the interviews and the summit. We hope to hold the summit on Saturday, May 19, from 9 to noon.

Yours in Christ,