722 N. 145th St. | Shoreline, WA 98133

Doing Mission

Inspired by our worship together
we grow in Christ through
welcoming the stranger,
feeding hungry bodies and spirits,
giving of ourselves, and
inviting others to join us in this journey of faith.
Our mission is a statement of purpose. Where our vision expresses our ultimate hope for the future, the mission is what we are called to do here and now. Our mission is a response to our faith, in the hope that God is working in and through us as a congregation to realize the vision. So, our mission describes the action we are inspired to take as followers of Jesus. The things we do and the actions we take are described by the verbs in our mission statement. If we strip away all but the verbs we are left with: inspire, grow, welcome, feed, give, and invite.

I invite you to consider each of these verbs prayerfully and ask yourself how you have or may enact each of them:

  • How have you been inspired in worship, in ministry, in your work, in your family, or in our congregation?
  • How have you or how would you like to grow: personally, spiritually, in Christ?
  • How have you been welcomed and how have you welcomed others?
  • How have you been fed and how have you fed others?
  • How have you given of yourself?
  • How have you or how might you invite others to join us in this journey of faith?
These are the actions that define our mission together at St. Dunstan’s Church. We each engage individually and together as a congregation in our shared mission.
Yours in Christ,