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Dream Big!

The most important thing I have to say this week is, “thank you.” Thank you for all you do to make this congregation so vital, so beautiful, so loving. Thank you for your continued support and participation through wave after wave of pandemic. Thank you for your prayers, your voices raised in song, and for connecting to our online services when you couldn’t come in person.

Throughout Advent we have been looking closely at each of the four questions of the From Many, One curriculum: What do you love? What have you lost? Where does it hurt? What do you dream? On Sunday, Advent IV, Mother Carola von Wrangel talked about God’s dream and about our dreams. Dreams matter. Dreams can even help us connect with one another.

From Many, One is designed to help us build relationship across differences: differences of politics, culture, race, and even theology. When we share our loves, losses, pains, and dreams, we connect on a truly human level. That means we are connecting on a truly spiritual level because, as humans, we are created in the image of God.

Mother Carola encouraged us to, “dream big!” When we dream big, we can participate in the biggest dream, God’s dream. God dreams of a creation where love is freely given and generously returned. God gives us Christ to show us how to live that way. That’s God’s dream, and that’s the blessing of Christmas.

Merry Christmas,



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