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From Your Deacon

Some of you may recognize Jennifer Rodgers. She joined our meals ministry several months ago as part of her doctoral fieldwork at the University of Washington, which focused on music and homelessness. Jennifer is now the artistic director and conductor of the Everett Chorale. She is the first woman to hold this position. Their December concert was her public debut, as well as the culmination of her doctoral work.

Jennifer was involved with Tent City 3 while they were living on the UW campus. She led inclusive singing and a weekly music performance and participation series for the self-managed community of homeless individuals. Rodgers has stated she has “a passion for finding out what music can do out in the world, from stretching our individual boundaries, to creating effective community partnerships, to singing our way to new perspectives on global needs.”

Jennifer will be conducting The Everett Chorale on Sunday June 16 at 3 pm at the Everett Performing Arts Center 2710 Wetmore Avenue Everett, WA 98201. Her Concert is called: Will Sing for Food: Concert for the Hungry and Homeless. This concert will have powerful and poignant music about the meaning of home, with collected voices raised for those in need of food and shelter, and will double as a food and supply drive. You can find a list of specifically needed items at their website.

I’m sure Jennifer would love to see some familiar faces from St Dunstan’s. You can find ticket information on the chorale’s website everettchorale.org. Tickets, purchased in person at the box office are $21. Box office hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm, or by calling (425) 257-8600. Tickets may also be purchased at the box office an hour prior to performance, based on availability.

Deacon Pat Grodt