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Faces of Our Ministries: Richard Newby

As a sixty-eight-year-old, life-long Episcopalian, I had never encountered a “Greeter.” That is until one fine Sunday when Dennis Beals picked me up and drove me to St Dunstan’s. He rolled me down a fine ramp and inside. Immediately I was met by a smiling Pam McCoy, who said, “Good Morning and Welcome!”

We chatted a bit filling in the usual blanks. She was also in a chair. I identified with that and we talked, smiled and laughed easily. The Holy Spirit was present. It was very comfortable. Now, a little over three years later, and through Grace, we greet together. Pam knows all your names and helps me from time to time, but I am learning!

We greet together and it is awesome. We are both Holy Spirit believers and love our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ and this church. Thanks to all who attend, because without y’all there is no church, no Spirit. The Lord lives in all of you. I am very grateful that God lead me to you. It is a very special place. Huge thanks to Pam, and Rica O’Conner, who originally visited me when I was looking for a church.

You are all awesome! Christ lives in you. See you Sunday, rain or shine.