722 N. 145th St. | Shoreline, WA 98133

Facility Rental

St. Dunstan’s Church provides rental space for nonprofit organizations, associations, corporations, or schools engaging in charitable activities at a reasonable rate that is devoted solely to the operation and maintenance of the property as required under the WAC 458-16-165  property tax exemption status. St. Dunstan’s Church has a permit from the Shoreline Fire Department for assembly up to 500. The use of church facilities is subject to the approval of the priest in charge and is administered through the church office. A request to use church facilities is always subject to church needs and prior reservations.

In addition to the above criteria, all users/renters must:
  • Present a photocopy of a current business license (or otherwise document an official mailing address for delivery of official correspondence; e.g. non-renewal of insurance, non-payment of rent, advise of damage to church property, etc.);
  • Present a photocopy of the corporate registration certificate issued by the Washington Secretary of State (nonprofit associations present a copy of their bylaws);
  • Present a copy of a Resolution from the renter’s Trustee body (or similarly named body) authorizing the rental agreement, rental amount and naming the person(s) authorized to sign;
  • Provide $1,000,000 of liability insurance from a recognized insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Washington, naming St. Dunstan’s Church as additional named insured;
  • Demonstrate in some fashion financial capacity to pay rent;
  • Execute our standard use agreement (or an acceptable substitute) in two originals.

Guidelines, Regulations and Expectations for the use of St. Dunstan’s facility

1) St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church is a smoke free facility. There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the building or within 50 feet of the building.  Any cigarette butts or other smoking debris must be cleaned up outside the building prior to leaving the facility or an additional janitorial fee may be assessed.

2) Use of the church sanctuary or narthex must have specific prior approval from the priest in charge. Furnishings within the sanctuary or narthex may only be moved when supervised by the priest or parish administrator after prior arrangements have been made. The sanctuary or narthex must be restored to its original arrangement prior to leaving the facility or an additional janitorial fee may be assessed.

3) Use of the organ or pianos requires additional approval from the Music Director and involves additional usage fees.

4) Use of alcohol requires additional approval from the priest in charge and is limited to beer and wine. All food and beverages must be kept within the space reserved, and any spills or stains must be cleaned immediately by the persons reserving the space or an additional janitorial fee may be assessed.

5) All paper and serving supplies needed for the function are the responsibility of the persons reserving the space. If use of the church’s coffee and tea service, china, glasses, or paper products is required, these may be reserved for an additional fee. Church owned equipment, including sound system, tables and chairs may be reserved for an additional fee.

6) The persons reserving the space take responsibility for turning off lights, turning down heat, closing windows and doors, and making sure that the outer doors and parking lot gates are properly closed and locked. If doors and/or gates are left open, an additional security fee may be assessed.

All users agree that:

  1. St. Dunstan’s Church is not responsible for any damage or loss to persons or property of outside user groups while using this building. A refundable damage deposit will be required upon signing of this agreement.
  2. St. Dunstan’s Church will remain harmless from all liabilities, damages, law suits, and attorney fees resulting from their use of this facility.
  3. Notification to the church office is required if there is any change in Contact Person, Key Holder, or any other details of the use agreement.
  4. Return of the key must occur within 24 hours, or by the next business day after the end of the function, to the parish administrator in the church office or an additional security fee may be accessed.

Fee Schedule:

There is no charge for parishioners of the parish for use of the facilities unless they wish to use the church on a regular basis, which is subject to the approval of the priest in charge and the vestry. Donations will be accepted on an individual basis if additional equipment, instruments, or cleaning is required.

  • Sanctuary and Narthex: $400 per half day or $500 full day
  • Commercial Kitchen: $150 per half day or  $250 per full day
  • Sunday School Room w/o piano: $60 per day
  • Sunday School Room w/piano: $85 per day
  • Church equipment usage fee: $35 per day
  • Church instrument usage fee (piano and organ): $35 each per day
  • Janitorial fee (required for groups with 85 individuals or more): $50
  • Security fee (if required): $35
  • Supply fee (if required):  $35
  • Refundable Damage Deposit: $250 per event or $1000 per rental contract

All rates and fees are subject to change without notice.