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Generous and Compassionate

There is a wonderful energy of generosity and compassion at St. Dunstan’s Church. We see it in our worship, with children contributing to our sermons, with beautiful music from members of our congregation, and in the beauty of our prayers. We saw this on Sunday as we enjoyed a delicious lunch at our Summer Picnic and Potluck.

The weather was perfect, and the food was great, from Josef’s grilling to the sides and desserts people brought to share. Madeline Sego organized things beautifully, giving the rest of us the illusion that the event came off effortlessly! Bill Barnsdale did most of the grunt work and served Mimosas. Every time I turned around there was someone else contributing to make the day a great success. Thank you all, very much. The picnic was a beautiful example of the energy we are experiencing in our congregation.

As we move into the somewhat more relaxed pace of summer, I encourage you to remember your prayers. Give yourself the blessing of a daily prayer and meditation time. Recharge your energy and courage with our weekly worship. When we care for ourselves in these ways we are all better able to do our part in the Jesus Movement, working for that time when on earth as in heaven, all are welcome, all are fed, and all are loved.

Yours in Christ,