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Honoring Loved Ones Past

On All Saints Day, Sunday November 1st this year, we will pray for the people we have loved and lost. In years past, we have done so with a service of Commendation to God in our Columbarium Chapel outside. We have placed long stem flowers on the altar, rung bells, and chanted the names of those we wish to remember in various solemn and beautiful observances. This year, with the pandemic restrictions, we will need to be creative.

We will honor our loved ones by naming them in our online worship. There will be two Zoom events prior to All Saints Day for you to record your loved one’s names to be included in the service. You are invited to join the Zoom event on Sunday, October 25th at noon, or Monday, October 26th at 7:00 PM at this link. We will say prayers of commendation and then invite you to say the names of those you wish to honor. These will then be included in worship on All Saints Day, November 1st at the 10:00 AM service.

Never Used Zoom? We Can Help

If you would like to participate but you need help connecting to Zoom, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you participate. Fortunately, this is a simple operation with most computers, smartphones and tablets.

If You Can’t Zoom, Send Us the Names

If you are not able to use Zoom you can still participate by sending in the names of those you wish remembered. Send them by email to office@sdchp.org or leave a voice message on the church phone (206) 363-4319, with your name and the names of those you would like remembered. We will have one of the ministers of the service read these names in the service.

With love,