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Imagine the Ways!

St. Dunstan’s is The Church that Feeds People. In the past year we conducted a discovery process and held 13 vision gatherings to share our stories of what we love about our church and our hopes for the future. From these conversations, it is clear that God is calling us to feed people in even more ways. On Sunday, we presented the theme for our 2019 Capital Campaign: The Church that Feeds People: Imagine the Ways!

God led us to become The Church that Feeds People, and now we are being challenged to imagine more ways to do that:

  • By investing in our worship and music, we are Feeding Hearts & Spirits.
  • By improving the accessibility and functionality of our facilities, we are Opening New Doors.
  • By building new capacity for mission and ministry, we are Serving a Bigger Feast.

In the discovery process and our vision gatherings we heard dozens of great ideas for projects to build our capacity to feed people. We sorted through the suggestions, ideas, and stories and picked the top six projects.

We have done preliminary estimates for the cost of each project, and combined them with what we heard from you to come up with these priorities:

Please plan to come to one or more of our Gallery Events to learn more about these projects. These will be great parties with an art gallery theme. Instead of paintings or sculptures, we will display detailed information for each capital campaign project. Instead of artists, you will get to interact with the people working on the estimates and plans for each project.

The culmination of the Capital Campaign will be a gala banquet served at St. Dunstan’s Church on Saturday, March 23rd, at 6:00 pm. We will gather for a celebration, meal, music, and to turn in our pledges to support the capital campaign.

Yours in Christ,