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Love Is the Way

Dear friends,

On my vacation this summer I read Presiding Bishop Curry’s book, Love Is the Way, and I want to recommend it to you. With the same eloquence, enthusiasm, and charm we saw in his sermon at the royal wedding, Bishop Curry lays out a vision for a world transformed by God’s love. This book has lots of personal anecdotes and I found it to be a fun and entertaining read.

Love Is the Way answers the question, “What is this thing called love?” Each chapter addresses another important issue, answering questions like: How do I find God’s love? Can love really change the world? Won’t loving everybody make me a doormat?

I read the book in hard cover and then I listened to the audio version of the book, which I was able to download from the library. Bishop Curry reads the book himself, and he is just excellent. You can hear an excerpt of the audio audiobook on this page. Enjoy!

With Love,