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Fr. David Marshall

The Rev. David Marshall

I love my work as a priest, leading St. Dunstan’s Church. I find that my role is not so much to manage or change the congregation as it is to be transformed by God with this congregation. Together we are growing in Christ by keeping the great Christian practices and traditions of worship, prayer, service, compassion, generosity and love.

I am committed, in my preaching and teaching, to helping people experience God’s love and peace in meaningful, authentic ways. I don’t take much for granted. When I hear religious jargon or theological claims, I want to know, what does that really mean and why does it matter? I try to offer, through sermons, articles and teaching, practical ways we can put Jesus’ teaching and the example of his life to work in our own lives and relationships.

I am a second career priest with three grown children and two grandchildren. My wife Alice and I moved our family to Seattle in 1995 when I took a job with Microsoft. Four years later, we moved across the country to Virginia where I entered The Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia, to begin my vocation in ministry. I graduated with a Master of Divinity, Cum Laude, in May of 2003 and returned to Seattle to begin my work of ministry.

As a second career priest I have lived many of the challenges my parishioners face. I have struggled to balance the priorities of a career, family, marriage, and faith. I am a devoted follower of Jesus because this way of life works. Both as a software developer and as a priest I have found meaning and purpose in my life through the lessons and experiences of a Christian way of life.

The Kingdom of God is a present reality. Eternal life is a quality of life that is available to us all here and now. We have access to the sacred and life-giving Spirit of God. Spiritual growth and transformation are available to us all. I have personally overcome depression and anxiety through contemplative prayer practices. I have walked with people who were deep in grief and celebrated when they found new life. I invite you to experience the transformational power of God in your life by joining us in worship and in the Christian way of life at St. Dunstan’s Church.