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Refreshed and Renewed

In the early ’90s, in a slow real estate market, we tried to sell our house and didn’t get any offers at all. After about five months, discouraged, we took the house off the market. A year later we decided to make some improvements and try again. We bought new appliances for the kitchen, installed new floors and carpeting, painted, and gave the yard some attention. We couldn’t believe what a difference it made. The house was beautiful and so much more comfortable to live in. Even in a difficult market for sellers, it sold in two weeks. As we packed to move we wondered why we hadn’t done it sooner. Why weren’t we willing to invest in our own lives in the way we invested in the new owners?

A few years ago, in our current home, we upgraded our kitchen and bathroom from the 1990s pressboard cabinets and worn-out floors a previous owner had installed. Having learned our lesson, we wanted to enjoy the necessary upgrades now, to invest our resources in creating a beautiful space for today, and for the future. Our family gathers every week for Sunday dinner. All three of our children and their spouses, our grandson, and a mother-in-law, gather in that kitchen to visit, cook, say grace, and enjoy the blessing of family.

There is a similar dynamic in the life of a congregation. As things wear out we just get used to it. We make do with what we have. We get used to worn out floors and fixtures. Eventually, we forget that there is value in investing in ourselves. The church facilities we have now don’t fully represent the vitality, growth, and ministries of this congregation. As we consider making capital improvements, we are looking at what we do, how we use the spaces, and how these spaces represent us to the world and community around us.

Making capital improvements now will certainly benefit future generations, but they will more importantly benefit our worship and ministry now. Just like the refreshed kitchen in my house is a center of family life every Sunday afternoon, our church is a center of life, worship, and ministry that is vibrant and life giving. We served 362 meals on Tuesday night. On Saturday, we celebrated the life of another beloved member of our congregation and our St. Agnes Guild provided another fabulous reception. This week, Sunday School teachers are preparing for another exciting year and our choir is preparing for our kick-off Sunday celebrations on September 9th. St. Dunstan’s Church is a vibrant, loving and generous congregation. This is a great place to be, to worship, and to be supported in following Jesus.

Yours in Christ,