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Act One

The Rev. David Marshall
Palm Sunday
April 14, 2019

The beginning of the sermon is missing, due to technical issues. Here is the missing part:

In every classic story, every great play, there are three acts. Palm Sunday
and Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is Act One. On Palm Sunday, as
Jesus walks into Jerusalem, he is walking into struggle, conflict, suffering,
injustice, grief, pain, loss and betrayal. On the surface we see the joyous and
triumphal entry. Alongside that hope and joy is the grim reality:

  • Jerusalem is occupied by the Roman Army to keep the peace during
    the feast of Passover.
  • Pilate, the brutal Roman governor, is in charge.
  • King Herod is a corrupt, brutal, and weak, puppet ruler who relies on
    keeping Rome happy to maintain his tenuous hold on power.

The full text of the sermon may be found here: Yr C Palm Sunday April 14 2019.