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We love stories, but do we know how to share our stories? Sharing involves both telling our own stories and really hearing someone else’s stories. When I talk about this, I often hear people express reluctance, “I don’t know if I could tell someone my stories.” But the truth is, story sharing is as natural as hanging out with a friend, telling them about our weekend, or the book we just read.

And hearing another person’s story is a gift, both in the hearing and in the sharing. Don’t you love to hear a story? Don’t you love to have someone listen attentively when you speak? That’s what story sharing is about.

Sharing Our Faith Stories


Using a token of your faith as your prompt, please share a story of God’s love.

Learning to See

When have you felt God really present in your life?


Using Our Gifts Pleases God


Do you consider yourself a worker with God?
Share a story about a time you felt you were working with God to do something.

Just How Do We Put Our Treasure in Heaven?


Your first Easter here. What’s the most vivid memory you have of that day? If you haven’t yet been here for Easter, to what are you most looking forward? Or, what is your favorite Easter memory?

Pandemic Stories


The pandemic is hard on all of us. Can you share the story of a challenge you’ve experienced?

To Be Known


How did you find your way here? Why do you keep coming back?
Dan C. tells his story about volunteering at our Feeding Ministry

Who is Jesus? Who are you? Who am I? Learning to See God


“Love allows us to enter paradise.” Share a story about a time someone made you feel loved.