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Spring at St. Dunstan’s Church

Spring has come to St. Dunstan’s Church. The cherry trees are beginning to blossom. Tulips are coming up. Easter is almost here. This is a time of new life and new beginnings.

This past weekend, our vestry gathered for a snow-delayed vestry retreat. We explored our gifts, both individually and as a group, and we looked at how we can best use those gifts to bless St. Dunstan’s Church. This feels like a spring time for our congregation as well. Our capital campaign is going very well, with strong participation and generous giving. Pledged giving is also strong. Our Sunday school is going well and the children are preparing to play chimes on Easter and to do a musical rendition of Noah’s Ark when the Bishop visits in May. We are seeing new visitors on Sundays. Spring is truly here.

Finishing Our Capital Campaign

The vestry is beginning to shift from leading a capital campaign to leading capital projects, but first we need to take the time to both finish the campaign and to celebrate its success.

We are exploring the possibility of creating a beautiful plaque to acknowledge those who participate in the campaign, or perhaps creating a new baptismal font for the renovated sanctuary with the names of contributors engraved upon it. We also agreed that we would accept new donations and pledges up through Pentecost, on June 9th.

Giving Thanks

The best way to celebrate the success of our campaign is to give thanks. We are grateful to all who have given so generously of their time to run this campaign, and of their treasure to fund our capital projects. We give thanks to God for the abundant life we enjoy as followers of Jesus, committed to our vision of a world where on earth as in heaven, all are welcome, all are fed, and all are loved.


Perhaps the best thing to do now is to simply enjoy the Spring. As the flowers bloom, we will be celebrating Easter. Enjoy the warmer weather, take a walk while the sun shines, give thanks for the rain that waters our gardens, and praise God for the gift of resurrection.