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Dear St. Dunstan’s Parishioners and Friends,

In a service recently we shared stories from the pandemic: stories of loneliness and isolation, stories of loved ones dying alone, stories of jobs lost, stories of friends and family suffering and even dying from COVID-19. We also shared stories of acts of generosity and kindness, and of new ways of connecting with friends and family. What a gift it is to hear a story that truly reveals who someone is. What a pleasure it is to be able to share your own story with someone who is caring and interested.

When we share our stories, both in the telling and in the listening, we are putting our treasure in heaven. When we use our God-given gifts as a blessing for others, we are putting our treasure in heaven. Your pledge to support St. Dunstan’s Church in 2022, your donations to the church and to our feeding program, and your generous participation in our worship and ministries are all wonderful ways of putting our treasure in heaven. When we take what is most essential to who we are and give that away in love, we are putting our treasure in heaven.

In a time of crisis and pandemic, St. Dunstan’s Church is a place of healing and blessing, sharing our stories and ourselves generously and lovingly. Thanks to your generosity, we continue to be on track with our budgeted giving, we are offering worship both in person and online, our capital improvement projects continue without the need for borrowing money, and we continue to be a blessing to our neighbors through hosting sanctioned tent camps, hosting the Severe Weather Emergency Shelter for the City of Shoreline, and, of course, through feeding people.

I ask that you continue your support with a pledge for 2022 and consider increasing your pledge as you are able. Thank you for sharing your story, your gifts and yourself. Thank you for putting your treasure in heaven.

With love,

The Rev. David Marshall