722 N. 145th St. | Shoreline, WA 98133
Fr. David Marshall

Tell Our Story

We are St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, in Shoreline, Washington, The Church that Feeds People. We strive to be a place where On earth as in heaven, All are Welcome, All are Fed, and All are Loved. Over the front door of our building, the fading banner proclaims, Who Welcomes a Guest, Welcomes Christ. Each of these sentences expresses something aspirational about our congregation, speaking both to who we are and who we hope to be.

We spent the last five weeks of our Stewardship campaign with Our Money Story, remembering who we are and how we have expressed that with our money, releasing those parts of our story that separate us from God, reimagining our story to be a part of God’s story, to restore our identity, as people and as a congregation, who are living God’s money story.

Now we are asking you to make a promise, a pledge, to support St. Dunstan’s Church as we continue to tell Our Money Story, aspiring to be a part of God’s story. As a congregation, we can see who we are through our money story. Our budget is an expression of our values, our hopes, our goals, and our ministry.

The story our budget tells is the practical, mundane, real world expression of our faith. Your pledge to this budget for 2021 makes real our shared vision and purpose. Your participation is what makes us The Church that Feeds People. Your financial donations make real our aspiration to be a place where, at least for a moment, All are Welcome, All are Fed, and All are Loved. Your faith in this congregation, expressed through your giving, challenges us to be a people who Welcome a Guest, to once again Welcome Christ.

Please send in your pledge forms for 2021 by November 22, 2020 so that we can make our budget tell the story of our faith and purpose in 2021.

With love,