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Thanking Josef Hinkofer

Every Sunday, as we begin our worship, I am pleased to welcome people to St. Dunstan’s Church in Shoreline, Washington, The Church that Feeds People! We became the Church that Feeds People because of the faith and commitment of Josef Hinkofer. Josef was feeding people at homeless camps before he brought the program to St. Dunstan’s Church all the way back in 2012. Since then, Josef and his wife Liz have built a program that feeds 16 thousand people a year.

This week I am very happy to announce that we are thanking Josef with a well-deserved sabbatical. Josef is taking six weeks off to enjoy his retirement starting in October. My own sabbatical a year ago was wonderfully refreshing and re-invigorating and I hope for the same for Josef.

Working with Josef, we have created a new Feeding Program Leadership Team. This team will lead the program going forward. When Josef returns, he will step into the part of the job he loves the most, cooking and leading the kitchen efforts. Our leadership team is as follows:

  • Program Coordinator: The Rev. David Marshall
    • Fundraising and financials: Tina Polf
  • Kitchen Coordinator: Mary Pacher (with Dan Cushman managing the cooking)
  • Food Service Coordinator (set up and breakdown): Chris Johns
  • Camps and Gleaning Coordinator: Alan Christensen
    • Meal Delivery Drivers Coordinator: Bill Barnsdale

This is a very strong team that loves working together and is committed passionately to the feeding program. We are very grateful to Josef, wish him the joy of his time away and look forward to welcoming him back at the stove after his sabbatical.

With love,

St. Dunstan’s Church will host Emergency Winter Shelter

We will be hosting the Shoreline Winter Emergency Shelter this winter in our parish hall. When the temperatures drop below 34 degrees outside, the shelter will open to provide a safe, warm place for those without shelter. This program is run by NUHSA (North Urban Human Services Alliance). Their volunteers will set up, run, and clean up the space each time the shelter opens.

While the program is entirely run and staffed by NUHSA and their volunteers, you are invited to join the team. Here is an invitation to volunteer with the shelter.