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This week Jill Spruce has shared a little about her experience of serving on the vestry:

Walking into my first St. Dunstan’s vestry experience in February 2016 was like wading into a swift stream that had a long history and momentum and a channel to get things accomplished. As for all “firsters” I had to learn the rules and process as I listened and watched. It was moving to me to be aware of the long years of service by those before me, and today I still marvel at the hours of commitment by so many people all over our congregation to keep us vital and spiritually growing. The Holy Spirit honors and enlivens all those hours.

Though our group conducts the business of the church and makes decisions following Roberts Rules, it has a strong spiritual component that is the part of our meetings that stays with me long after our “amen.” We open with a reflection that is spiritually focused, a hymn or poem or scripture, that sets the tone for the meeting. Our meeting ending is always individual sharing of prayer requests (needs or thanksgivings) followed by prayer. Because we turn to God for beginning guidance and for concluding wisdom and strength, the vestry time becomes ministry, both to us and through us.

I am midway through my three-year vestry term. Under Fr. David’s leadership, our vestry hopes to make our new vision and mission statements come alive for you (see them on the first inside page of Sunday’s worship bulletin), so that each one of us finds ways to be welcoming, to feed hungry bodies and spirits, and to continue giving of ourselves. In these ways we are truly church.

Jill Spruce