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What do you dream?

In my youth, I dreamt of adventure and of things. I dreamt of airplanes and fishing, new cars, and sailboats. As I got older, I dreamt of meeting someone to love, and of a career and a family. Now, as a grandfather, I find that my hopes and dreams have changed. I’m not as interested in things. I dream of success and happiness for my kids. I dream of growth and joy for our congregation.

The last question in the “From Many, One” curriculum asks, “What do you dream?” Our dreams, as much as our loves, losses, and pains, reveal who we are. It is risky to share your hopes and dreams. It takes trust. You could even say, it takes faith. It can be painful to share a dream only to have it mocked or belittled. It can be frightening to risk sharing our biggest dreams. Am I truly worthy?

God dreams of a world where love is freely given and received. God dreams of a world where heaven and earth have become one. God dreams of a world where our differences do not divide us but allow us to learn from one another while remaining in relationship.

And God sent Jesus to show us how that dream could become a reality. How perfect that on this fourth Sunday of Advent, we consider the question, “What do you dream?”

With love,