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What Do You Love About St. Dunstan’s?

Our stewardship campaign launches this week by asking the question, “What do you love about St. Dunstan’s Church?” For me, St. Dunstan’s is about real access to God. I love how the work and worship we share bring us closer to the sacred in ways that matter.

We know that God can be found on the mountaintop, in inspiring music, and in moments of transcendence, but we need God most when our families are struggling, loved ones are being treated for cancer, a job is lost, bills are piling up, or a marriage is falling apart. That’s what our work and worship together at St. Dunstan’s can give us.

On Sunday we heard the story of Jesus and the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19). These ten lepers were cut off from life. Their obvious disease marked them as unclean and they were banished. So, they called out to Jesus asking for mercy.

Real Life Struggles

This story shows us one of the ways we have access to God even in the worst of times. All ten men were healed but one turned back, expressing profound gratitude, praising God and throwing himself to the ground at Jesus’ feet. Jesus sees his humility, his gratitude, and his faith, and blesses him. “Go, return to your life, your faith has made you well.” This second interaction is key.

A Portal to the Sacred

All ten were healed, but the one who turned back found real life. His gratitude became a portal to the sacred. In his praise and thanksgiving, his heart was transformed. Jesus saw this transformation. Jesus recognized the sacred in the one man who gave thanks.

Seeing the Sacred in Ordinary Life

passion flower

Gratitude gives us access to the sacred right here, right now. When we give thanks, to one another or to God, it changes us. A grateful heart is receptive to love, oriented to generosity, and open to the sacred.

This is wonderful because it is so simple and accessible. Try it for yourself. Start giving thanks for the little things in your day. Look for ways to express gratitude. Orient yourself with thanksgiving and you will see life with new eyes.

St. Dunstan’s – Transformed by Gratitude

Our stewardship campaign is an opportunity to give thanks. Together, we will praise God and give thanks to Jesus. God has blessed us. Jesus has healed us. In our gratitude, we are transformed. We are St. Dunstan’s Church, the Church that Feeds People.

Yours in Christ,