722 N. 145th St. | Shoreline, WA 98133

Guidelines for In-Person Worship

All who have been fully vaccinated may attend without wearing a mask. You are welcome to continue to wear your mask, of course, and I expect that many will, but the governor has lifted most of the pandemic restrictions. We now offer both bread and wine at communion, sing our hymns, and gather around the table for communion.

We will continue to offer live-streaming of our services on our YouTube channel. We have ended the Zoom coffee hour now that we can gather in-person.


We are now offering communion with both the bread and with wine. The wine is offered by the common cup. If you are not comfortable sharing the common cup at this time, please come forward for the bread and simply cross your arms across your chest when the wine comes to you. When you receive the bread alone, you have participated fully in the Holy Eucharist. We are not allowing intinction (dipping the bread into the chalice) at this time because we are informed that this is less safe than the common cup.

Sharing the Peace

We have lifted the restrictions around sharing the peace, but some people will not be ready to return to shaking hands or hugging just yet. As we share the peace, please check with the person before you reach for their hand or hug them. You could say something like, “The peace of the Lord be with you. May I shake your hand?” If you are asked this question and you do not want to shake hands (or hug), try responding with your hands in a position of prayer in front of your chest, saying, “And also with you.”

A Word About Masks

Remember there are many reasons why someone may be wearing a mask and/or practicing physical distancing. They may:

  • Be at increased risk for severe infection.
  • Have an underlying health condition.
  • Have close contact with someone at increased risk.
  • Want to protect themselves from other illnesses or allergens.
  • Want to support mask-wearing by unvaccinated people.
  • Feel more at ease wearing a mask or distancing.

While you may want to discuss or ask others about their vaccination status, individuals may not feel comfortable disclosing that information. Some people may not be vaccinated due to personal reasons that are confidential and inappropriate to discuss in public.

Coffee Hour is back too!

We will offer coffee and treats after the service to facilitate socializing. Treats will be presented with individual servings, the coffee urns will be out, and the tables will be set up for visiting.

Thank you for the care you have shown protecting one another from this virus.