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Prayer Lab


What’s a prayer lab, I was asked by a friend this week.

To be honest I don’t know.

I had a flash in my mind of types of prayers I’ve experienced.

Expository prayer is the one I grew up with.  It is spontaneous prayer asking God for something or praising him for something using my own personal words.

Prayer book praying:  The book we have is rich with beautiful verse and the soul of many Christians have uttered the words we share together.

Ignatius taught his followers two types of prayer: the Examen and reading scriptures by putting oneself in the story.  

Mother Carola taught a technique for a forgiveness practice which was new to me.

As we prayed this Sunday, I heard the quiet whispers of some who were praying in their own prayer language.

There are other types of prayer which we will experience this year, practicing various types to deepen our faith. 

The lab is different from a class as it is focused on practicing, experiencing, trying the types of prayer not just learning about them cognitively.

Our hope is that you will touch a type of prayer that you had not known before and that this lead you deeper into your relationship with Christ.

We plan to meet monthly starting in September. We’ll offer the sessions on a Sunday afternoon and on the following Wednesday night. 

The Wednesday night will include a virtual component.   The Sunday version will not.   Watch the church calendar for updates and times. 

For information on our Prayer Lab classes please go to our Classes page here: https://www.sdchp.org/classes-2/