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Prayer Lab

Introducing Prayer Lab

Dear Friends,
I am working with Br. John Ryan and Sarah Roskam to bring a new prayer resource to St. Dunstan’s Church that we are calling “Prayer Lab”. The idea is to offer an experience of many different types of prayer. We’ll do just enough teaching to allow you to try each approach, and then we’ll just do it.
Here is an article from Sarah Roskam introducing Prayer Lab. I hope you will join us!
With love,


Prayer Lab
We have a strong ministry of intercessory prayer at St. Dunstan’s. To build on that prayer foundation, we will begin an experimental college in prayer entitled Prayer Lab.

There are lots of ways that believers have accessed God in prayer through generations: the psalms of the Hebrews, prayer beads of the liturgical churches, Icons of the Orthodox Christians, Lectio Divina of the contemplatives, speaking in a prayer language of the charismatics, corporal walking of a prayer labyrinth, and modern contemplatives’ centering and welcoming prayers, to name just a few. We have several others to share.

Our hope is that you will be drawn to one or two of these types of prayer and that your own prayer life will grow into a greater fullness and connection to Christ .

Meeting on the first Wednesday evening of each month at 6:30 – 7:45 PDT,  we will have a short didactic session about a type of prayer, then we will practice that type of prayer.  For those who attend in person, we will offer a small healthy snack and then you are invited to attend Compline at 8:00.

We intend to have a hybrid program, meaning both in person and by zoom. Check the classes page of our web site for the link on the day of the event.

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, July 6 at 6:30 pm downstairs in the Chapel at St. Dunstan's Church.

Sarah Roskam
Brother John
Father David

For information on our first Prayer Lab class, “Lectio Divina – Divine Reading”, please go to our Classes page here: http://www.sdchp.org/classes-2/