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Staff and Leadership

Fr. David Marshall

The Rev. David Marshall

I love my work as a priest, leading St. Dunstan’s Church. I find that my role is not so much to manage or change the congregation as it is to be transformed by God with this congregation. Together we are growing in Christ by keeping the great Christian practices and traditions of worship, prayer, service,…


Tina Polf, Senior WardenBill Barnsdale, Junior WardenAl Johnson • Jon Pacher • Sarah Roskam • Jonathan Thoms • Tom Wear • Jan Boyd • Brynne Sterling • Jill wear • Chris Johns, Treasurer

The Rev. Pat Grodt

My call to the Diaconate began as a young adult when I felt the presence of God & His love. Being in my teens, I had not identified that the nature of the call was diaconal and so I continued with my education as that was what was expected in our family.

The Rev. Alan Christensen

I’ve been blessed to serve at St. Dunstan’s since 2018, first as my field education assignment and since October 2020 as an ordained deacon. I’ve lived in Shoreline since 1992 and have three children and four grandchildren. My wife Janice, who passed away in 2022, was delighted to be a part of the St. Dunstan’s…

Susanna Valleau

Susanna Valleau

Susanna Valleau began studying the piano at age 7 and, from the beginning, couldn’t resist sitting down to play every time she saw one. A few years later, the church organist told her she should take organ lessons because she was tall enough to reach the pedals, but she wasn’t interested — at least not…